Incorporated in 2000 (RC No. 377347), Wilson & Weizmann Associates Ltd is a firm of Media and Public Affairs consultants based in Lagos, Nigeria. Guided by a philosophy that pursues excellence even in minor details and an organizational structure that is slim, proactive and result- oriented, the company...

'Company Profile'

Dr. Chidi Amuta
Chairman/Chief Executive

Foremost Nigeria journalist and intellectual. Former senior lecturer in literature and
communications at the Universities of Ife and Port Harcourt. Visiting Fellow, Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Boston USA. Founding Editorial Board member, The Guardian,
Group Editorial Adviser and Chairman Editorial Board of the Daily Times. Managing Director, The Post Express Newspapers, Executive Director, Tanus Communications.

Innovativeness and resourcefulness in seeking unusual solutions to communication. Problems that other consider daunting...[read more]


In our over 8 years in business, we have cultivated and maintained active contact and linkage with major local and international media organizations...[read more]


Our clients are major corporations governments, international media organizations and significant high net worth individuals...[read more]

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